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I went to dinner in the lower Greenville area of Dallas TX and went to a birthday party after. At 2:30 AM I discovered that I was towed from the parking lot that I parked in.

I called to inquire why the car was towed and to ask why the parking lot had no clear posted signs (except the standard sign all lots in Dallas have where towing can take place). The point is, I had no idea that after midnight my car would be towed. The receptionist claimed there was information on the sign or the space that indicated this. There was not.

So, thank you to the Vue, Greenway investments, CWS Recovery for advocating this. I wasn't harming anyone by being parked in a lot that was empty during non-business hours. So $164 in fees, a $65 Uber trip and a 3:30 AM trip to the yard is my punishment. I will boycott the whole street and all businesses going forward.

This was unnecessary. All the small businesses on this street need each other to be successful. If you want to tow patrons for spending their money in your neighborhood I'll boycott all of them. I had to work the next morning and I really enjoyed that 9 hour day after flushing $220 down the toilet and with 3 hours sleep.

The wrecking business is disgusting, the people that work for them are criminals and I don't know how you all sleep at night. You got my money and all the businesses in your neighborhood will never see my face again. Support the neighborhood you do business in and don't penalize patrons for parking in your empty lot. Post signs that make it clear what the guidelines are.

I hope CWS, The Vue and Greenway investments go out of business. Enjoy your lot and your "visitor" spaces the more patrons you do this to, the less success your local businesses will experience.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss not as described of car towing and associated monetary loss in the amount of $220. CWS Recovery needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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CWS Recovery is being investigated and TDLR has declared their signs are illegal and that they are towing cars illegally. I would highly suspect someone will get prison time for their misdeeds.


If you boycott the street maybe there will be parking for actual customers.

to Anonymous #933372

Have at it! I don't feel the need to have to explain or justify how much money I HAVE spent on Greenville Ave.

at its businesses. If businesses can't support each other to share parking to facilitate more visitors then all of you that want to park on dark side streets 4 blocks away can rule the school.

Doesn't make a flip of a difference. Towing people indiscriminately and collecting their money under duress to make a living is dirty pool.


You have rights under the Texas DTPA - the Deceptive Trade Practices Act. It involves sending a notice to the property owner with misleading (or no) signs.

Attorneys represent people all the time to enforce this law.

When victims win, the other side has to pay the attorney fees. Often it is settled because of the attorney's letter.

Houston, Texas, United States #933050

Funny, no pictures of the signs. Could it be that you just didn't read the sign or thought "F*** them, it's after 12."?

to tellthewholestory #933077

There isn't a picture of the sign because as stated it's the same standard sign posted in many lots all over town. No specific sign for someone to be made aware of this. And I read the sign before walking away- way before midnight!

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